Monday, December 28, 2009

Bali 2

We took two local tour packages in Bali, both with MBA. The first was on our second day in Bali, where we took Ubud (Bali batik in Tohpati and drawings in Batuan - Tegalalang (terraced paddy fields) - Natural spices village (tried luwak coffee) - Kintamani (Batur Mount) - Besakih (Pura Agung) - Sanur Beach route.

The second tour package was on the fourth day, Mengwi (Pura Taman Ayun) - Pacung (terraced paddy fields) - Bedugul (Pura Ulun Danu Beratan) - Alas Kedaton (Pura Dalem) - Tanah Lot (Pura Tanah Lot).

Group photo taken at the entrance of the mother temple of all temples in Bali- Pura Agung (Agung Temple). Agung Mount can be seen far behind the clouds.

The first "official" temple in our schedule was Pura Agung at Mount Agung, Besakih. "Agung" in local means greatness. It is a temple complex with "a collection of temples". According to history, the first temple there is believed to be built by the founder of Bali, Sri Markandeya around 8th century, and extended by priests and rules of Bali from time to time, until it reached the current magnificient size. The temple was really wide spreaded and divided into different sections, representing the different status in Balinese community. The temple was severely damaged by earthquake in 1917 and by the erruption of Mount Agung in 1963, but successfully being restored.We spent about one hour there, taking photos and walking around the temple. The view from the highest temple along the hillside is really good. For us, this is a must-visit temple in Bali.

If you wish to visit that temple, please take note about two important things. Firstly, in order to visit that sacred temple, we have to wear "sarung". Tour company (like MBA) might has prepared them for us but that is not an obligation. Please make sure that you won't end up with rent or buy a sarung with a very unreasonable price at the foot of Mount Agung. Secondly, the internal tourguide controlled by the local associations might be "rude" at the entrance to "force" you to take a local Pura Agung's guide, even you might have one your side (provided by tour company). You can always reject them by strictly say "NO" (they demanded RP60,000 per person). They might be scaring you by saying that you might get lost in the complex. But believe us, that's impossible.Pura Agung is not a maze in themepark.

Left: Our photo at a walkway surrounded by ancient structures with about 200 m in length, upscaling Pura Agung. Right: Structures in Pura Agung.

Our quest continued with Pura Taman Ayun. Taman Ayun Royal Temple at Mengwi, 30 minutes away from our hotel. Built by the founder of Mengwi empire in 1634 AD, the temple served as the praying site for the Royals of the empire. The word "ayun" means beautiful garden. Compared to Pura Agung, this royal temple is much more "younger". We like the unique bright coloured bricks on that temple. There is a cock fighting site just beside the entrance of that temple. According to our tourguide, the cock fighting activities in Bali are no for gambling, but just for fun and leisure.

The postcard like scenery inside Pura Taman Ayun, Mengwi. The entrance of the inner compound of the temple (left), and the praying place of the temple, which is closed to visitors (right).
Photo taken inside Pura Taman Ayun.

Pura Ulun Danu Beratan, located 1200 m above sea level, 50 km away from Denpasar, took us 2 hours to reach there. That's another must visit site in Bali. The uniqueness of the temple not only lies with its altitude, but the fact that the temple is built in the Beratan Lake. "Ulun" here means by the power of the goddess, while "Danu Beratan" means Lake Beratan. The temple is believed to be built around 1634 AD.

Family photo taken at the outskirt of Pura Ulun Danu Beratan. Far right showed the entrance to the temple.
Does this photo look familiar to you? Yes, this photo was taken exactly the same angle with the picture showed in many postcards.

On our way from Bedugul to Tanah Lot, we stopped at Pura Dalem, Alas Kedaton. Alas Kedaton is a forest area (about 10 hectar) in the middle of paddy field. The temple is famous with the present of the sacred monkeys and big bats around the temple. The photo above showed the entrance of the temple (upper left), tree with bats and the enlargement (upper and lower right), and the monkeys roaming around the temple (lower left).

Upper left to right: Great view of Pura Tanah Lot and Pura Batu Bolong. Lower left: Kecap Dance available at RM25 per person. Lower right: Our photo taken at Pura Batu Bolong.

Tanah Lot (means land and sea in local) was our last destination on the fourth day in Bali. That is the place which Pura Tanah Lot and Pura Batu Bolong located. Both of the temples are quite famous for the beautiful scenery, especially during sunset (just try to google "sunset at tanah lot" and see the pictures displayed). Pura Tanah Lot is believed to be built by a priest, Niratha in order to worship the god of sea. We hoped to witness the heavenly beauty of the sunset but the we were running out of luck in that. Anyway, we did enjoyed the Kecap Dance at Tanah Lot during the night time. Must visit Tanah Lot? Sure, you have to. Just make sure that you brave yourself to face massive crowd of pilgrims at the wat!

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  1. hi there...great info...hmm, just wondering, did you have full day trips packed with so many places visited within 2 days ??....(Bali2 and Bali3..), and how much was the packages?

  2. Dear friend, the answer:
    First question, yes, the tour was well organized by the tour company, that we just "touch and go" (around 1 hour) on every spot that mentioned. However, you can stay longer (few days) at places like Mt. Batur and Pacung. The choice is in your hand.
    Second question, RM48 (USD 15) per person for first day trip (all included except meal), and RM65 (USD 20) for second day trip (all included except meal).
    Hope the info given is useful to you :-)

  3. hi, can you give contact number or email of MBA agency?


  4. From MBA webpage, I guest the number is

    You can access MBA webpage from the link at Bali page 1 or click on the link below and take a look:

    Btw, don't rush to book any package through phone or internet, as you might like to open yourself to more choices once you reach Bali (either tour company or the tour package). You can customise your own trip as well once you reached and get more info about the places of interest there.

    Beware of the rediculously low price offer as well, as the tour guide might be new without any experience, or the package might not include the petrol (gasoline), which means we have to pay for the petrol.

    Hope you have a wonderful trip to Bali.

  5. hi, thank for your advice ^_^