Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Aquaria KLCC

Second week of May 2011, Aquaria KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Centre), two of us, second time. The main purpose was not the aquaria, but to shoot some night scenery at KLCC. However, with 2 hours left before night fall, we decided to get something "fishy" at KLCC. The aquaria has retained its standard, well-maintained, friendly staff, and gave us same feeling in our heart- it is a must visit place in KL, just second to KL Bird Park. We spent about 2 hours in the aquaria.

Walkway at the concourse level of KLCC that leads to Aquaria KLCC (left). Illuminated directory at the entrance is vivid around the dark background.

Weekends, Aquaria KLCC is still as hot as its old time. Students with uniform, families with young and old, couples, and some lone riders. All of us were greeted by Piranha just after the entrance. Then, the DNA Zone where we can touch some of the water creatures, and the electric eel. The first zone ended with the exhibition of water rats and the otters.

The DNA Zone (on the bottom left of the photo) is the touch pool offers "first hand contact" with live starfish, bamboo shark, and other cute sea creatures. Far left is the entrance of the aquaria.

Piranha is the first species that we met in the aquaria. An ornamental skeleton might be a good way to illustrate the nature of that species (upper row). The giant eel that can release 700 volts of electricity and stuns a bull in no time (lower left). Betty with big fat water rats, which their size will definitely dwarf many cats. (lower right).

We entered the Jewels of the Jungle section with mostly insects specimens, lizards, arachnids, and several amphibians. This is the out-of-the-theme section that, in our opinion, not so interesting. At least, some of the creatures exhibited in that section were the last that we would expect to see in an aquaria. Along the jungle themed area, there were exhibits showing coatimundi and frog life cycle as well.

Don't get deceived by its look. That's the most dangerous turtle in the world- alligator snapping turtle (upper left). The smallest species of caiman- smooth-fronted caiman (upper right). Butterfly specimens are available in the jungle area.

Help, a coatimundi in an aquaria!!! Is it a refugee escaped from National Zoological Park or simply a part timer?

The visitors-packed-walkway across the Jewels of Jungle. If you turn back, you will find the coatimundi exhibit on your right.

Then, we moved one floor down by following a walkway that leads to a staircase beside a ground-to-ceiling aquarium. That's an amazing view, with fish swimming around a tree in the middle of the aquarium- with some illusion that the fish were flying. Another big aquarium exhibiting some giant sized freshwater fish from Amazon is located just after at the end of the staircase on the lower level.

Aquarium with the theme "Amazon Flooded Forest" exhibiting big fish like arapaima and red tail catfish from Amazon.

Our photo in front of several aquaria showcasing Malaysian Flooded Forest.

Malaysian Flooded Forest flanks the staircase connecting two levels of Aquaria KLCC.

The big aquarium with freshwater fish, which houses a legendary Tapah, the very indigenous species from Sarawak, marks the end of the freshwater section, and the starting point for the saltwater section. First, the fish available near the seaside is available in the aquarium themed "The Coast". Then, the highlight of the aquaria- 90 meters tunnel that runs right below an oceanarium. Ten feet long sand tiger sharks, 100 kg fantail ray (and still growing fatter), giant garoupas, several active sea turtles, with hundreds of other fish swimming freely around the tunnel is an amazing experience. We were so excited that we travelled the tunnel twice, again.

The scene in the middle of the oceonarium.

A garoupa for dinner? Nope, all the sand tiger sharks are well fed that show no aggression to other creatures (upper left), a shipwreak (lower left) and other scenes in the oceanarium.

This is really a scene where the little Mermaid will pop up behind the the rocks and say, "Gotcha!" Anyway, you can always replace "little Mermaid" with "Mr. Jaw".

Other sea creatures available including the seahorses, octopuses, jelly fish, etc. The last point of the aquaria- giant jaw, which is just a replica for our photo taking session.

"Nemo" the clown fish, sea horses, jelly fish and so on are available and scattered all around the aquaria.

Replica of the giant jaw is the last place for you to take photo.

Aquaria KLCC opens daily from 11am - 8pm (last admission at 7 pm), while 10:30am - 8pm on public holiday. The fee, RM35 and RM25 for adult and child with MyKad respectively. RM45 and RM35 are required for adult and child without MyKad respectively. There is a zone named Aquazone, designed for fish therapy. With the charge of RM38 for adult and RM22 for child, we feel that Aquazone offers a highly over-charged service.

To reach Aquaria KLCC is easy, for its location at the concourse level of the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC). A 10 minutes walk from Putra LRT KLCC Station, or Monorail Raja Chulan Station is really convenient (can be accessed through Suria KLCC). KL Hop On-Hop Off stop for Aquaria KLCC is at KLCC Garden Park stop. Driving there? The underground multi-storey carpark at Suria KLCC will take away all the pain in finding a carpark.

Before you depart, make sure that you are not too late for the feeding frenzy. The feeding time for the sharks (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) and aquatheatre is at 3pm. The stream (freshwater area) is at 11:30am and 5pm, piranha tank is at 4pm, the deep forest, the coast, and the living reef at 5:30pm. Our advice, start your journey around 2pm will be just nice for you to catch most of the feeding frenzy around. Don't forget that the feeding frenzy for the sharks is only available on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. By the way, don't forget to bring some water as there is no vendor machine or stall selling food or water.

A food court is located at the entrance of Aquaria KLCC. With not much variety, we can always opt for more at Suria KLCC, with just five minutes walk from the aquaria. In case of visiting the aquaria early, you can spend the rest of your day in shopping Suria KLCC, or visit the tallest twin towers in the world- Petronas Twin Towers.

Aquaria KLCC is just one floor below the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (upper left), on our back is the Suria KLCC and Petronas Twin Tower. We took 10 minutes walk from the carpark of Suria KLCC to the aquaria. The food court at the concourse of KLCC was not impressive. We tried the bread with curry, the taste, far from being good. There is a Starbuck right at the entrance of the aquaria. Anyway, you can always opt for another one with better view and location.

Aquaria KLCC is really an excellent place to visit. Several nearby attractions that worth a visit is Petronas Twin Tower and KL Tower at Bukit Nanas. Petronas Twin Tower is just a hundred meters away from the aquaria (where you can access through the underground walkway), while you might need to take a taxi or other public transport to KL Tower.

For more information about Aquaria KLCC, please visit the Official Site of Aquaria KLCC, contact number 60323331888, email

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  1. I ve being travelling to several aquarium in this region. No doubt, KLCC is the very best of among them.

  2. This post was so informative and helpful to me as I m planning a trip to this place in this weekend. Thanks.