Saturday, October 8, 2011

Malacca Trip Day 3

Day 3, we woke up late, drove by the exhaution. We went for a late breakfast, and started to take our way to the last destination in our list. That was a new attraction to us- Taming Sari Tower. The tower was named after the keris (Malay dagger) of Hang Tuah, the legendary warrior of Melaka. The revolving tower brought us around 80 m above the ground, with a wonderful 360 panoramic view over the whole city of Melaka in 7 minutes ride. We were lucky for the nice weather with just a little bit of haze. It was really an unforgetable experience, and it is surely a must visit place in Melaka.

The Taming Sari Tower is located at Merdeka Road (beside the swimming pool). By foot, it is 5 minutes away from Pahlawan Square (McDonald side), or around 10 minutes away from Jonker Street. It is really easy to locate for the high rised tower. Entrance fees: Adult and Child are RM20 and RM10 respectively, with 50% discount for MyKad holders, and operates 10 am - 10 pm daily. The tower accomodates around 60 people with a new round of ride in every 15 to 20 minutes. So, a long waiting time is not expected.

Standing tall above the ground, Taming Sari Tower is the most prominent landmark of Melaka.

A view on the tower, with the Maritime Museum and Quayside in the middle. The newly built Casa De Rio Hotel can be seen on the other side of Melaka River.

The ticketing complex of Taming Sari Tower (upper left), not far away from Pahlawan Square. The ticket counter (upper right). Bicycle for rent is available at the ticketing complex, with the rate of RM 3 per hour (lower left). We grab the opportunity to take our own photo when we were on the ride.

Instead of the major attractions that has been mentioned, there are some other attractions in Bandar Hilir heritage site that simply worth a touch and go.

The Proclamation of Independent Memorial is an important monument. It was the place where Malaysian first Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman firstly declared the date for the independant of Malaysia in 1956, a year before 31 August 1957. He then took a short walk to the residence of Tun Tan Cheng Lock for tea before he departed to Kuala Lumpur. The place where the monument stood is so meaningful, yet, it's like an abandoned child at a corner of Pahlawan Square. The exact location of the monument- opposite of the Malay and Islamic World Museum. We felt bad about how the authority of Melaka mistreated the monument.

Melaka never lack of museums. Melaka Islamic Museum (upper row), UMNO Museum (lower left), Museum of Enduring Beauty, and The Malay and Islamic World Museum (lower right) are lined up side by side, together with Melaka Philately Museum at Kota Road, just beside A' Famosa. Most of these museums are located between Pahlawan Square and Jonker Street.

Quayside is a nice place for a walk, while enjoying the scenery of Melaka River (upper row). We are able to see the unrealisticly big irrigation wheel and the old but newly discovered Melaka fort from the Quayside.

The Maritime Museum is located at one of the end of Quayside, while the giant wheel sit on the other.

Old, useless, but not willing to be recycled. Many of these antiques are kept in Melaka, scattered around the little patches of gardens across Bandar Hilir heritage site.

Melaka is really a place that worth a visit. It can be considered as the starting place of the Sultanate of West Malaysia. A three days two nights tour is simply not enough for anyone to go through every corner in Melaka. However, for us, it is definately a place where we will come back again.

What to expect in Melaka:
  • Historical sites and tourism spots are close to each other. The whole Bandar Hilir heritage site can be accessed by foot.
  • A blend of races. Intead of typical Malay, Chinese, and Indian, Baba and Nyonya, Chitty, Indonesian, Portuguese, Dutch, British are available too. Their influences in social-cultural, literature and architecture can be traced in Melaka.
  • Food from different races. Queue in unevitable for favourite eateries and food outlets.
  • Massive crowd of tourists.
  • Need to pay for public car park, even on Sunday. Payment coupons are available at convenient shops, groceries and some hotels.
  • The street is safe, day and night.
  • Banks are extremely rare in Bandar Hilir heritage site. However, ATM machines are available in major shopping complexes.
  • The hotels nearby Bandar Hilir are not cheap, cheap hotels are mostly far away.
  • Nice and helpful people.
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