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Penang Accomodation and Food

Penang is a beautiful island. For those who wish to enjoy the beautiful beach in Penang, we would recommend you all to stay at the hotels at Feringghi Beach. Feringghi Beach is approximately 14 km from George Town. If we take a taxi from the town, it will take around 15 - 20 minutes to reach the beach, and it takes longer by bus.

There are several hotels along Feringghi Beach- Shangri-La Rasa Sayang Resort, Holiday Inn, Parkroyal Hotel, Hard Rock Hotel, and Bayview Beach Hotel. We have stayed in Bayview Beach Hotel. As compared to other major hotels, Bayview has the economic advantage, flat screen, bath tub, room with a lot of space to move around (we stayed in Hillview Deluxe), balcony, etc. Location wise, it is a little bit at the western corner of the tourism belt (which Shangri-La Rasa Sayang located at the eastern corner). Bayview is definitely in our recommendation list for those who wish to enjoy a stay by the beach. You can read more about our experience in Batu Feringghi here.

This is how Bayview Beach Hotel looks like from Feringghi Beach.

We had the opportunity to take a look on the room at Parkroyal. 42' flatscreen, mini bar, well decorated with romantic atmosphere, but it is approximately twice the price of Bayview Beach. Parkroyal is located closer to the tourism hot spot of Feringghi Beach, compared to Bayview Beach. Both hotels are 10 minutes apart, by foot.

Both Parkroyal and Bayview Beach have nice pools. Upper left shows the pool at Parkroyal. There are plenty of space to enjoy sun bath (upper right). Room (lower right) and balcony at Parkroyal look nice.

The website of the hotels at Feringghi Beach are available at:
We stayed at Batu Feringghi for one night, and moved to Chulia Heritage Hotel at George Town. The hotel is small (formerly a mansion). We stayed in a deluxe queen with attached bathroom. The room at the hotel is uncomfortably small, with very limited space to move around. However, it's clean, tidy, with just enough amenity to get a night sleep. Location wise, unbeatable, right in the middle of the heritage site. We came over with some other hotels, which, who knows, might be a good choice as well:
Penang is famous with it's Char Kuey Tiow, fried oyster, rojak, Nasi Kandar (Kandar Rice), and many more, which made our program at night basically, eating all the way down the street.

Penang Char Kuey Teow (upper row) is one of the most favourite food, for both visitors and the locals. It is offered in many food courts. We favoured the char kuey teow at the outdoor food court at Gurney Drive the most. The food court offers nice Penang Rojak (lower right), tau fu fah, fried oyster, and Penang Assam Laksa. For Nasi Kandar (lower left), or the steamed rice with curry and other side dishes,  Restoran Kassim Mustafa at Chulia Street is a good one.

An experienced veteran is one of the guarantees of good taste. The cook told us that they always run out of oyster after 9 pm. So, if you wish to try the fried oyster at Gurney Drive, you better be early.

Crowdy, crowdy, crowdy, are the three words that we would use to describe the food court at Gurney Street. Do you believe that this photo was taken in a midst of downpour?

Wanton (or wonton) noodle (upper left), wanton noodle with soup and beef (upper right), chendol (lower right), and popiah were some other delicacies that we tried in Penang.

We bought food from the hawkers beside the road once in a while. We ordered Penang Char Kuey Teow from this stall at Chulia Street, when we were on our way back to our hotel.

Fresh fruit juice for sale at Chulia Street! We really like the ambra juice from this stall.

Penang is really an excellent island for a break. Beautiful beach, well preserved heritage, friendly locals, and delighting food. We heard a lot about food around Penang, but well, our stomach do have a limit. We would like to save the rest for our next trip. If you wish to share something about food and accomodation in Penang, you are most welcomed to share them in your comments.

All our sharing on Penang are available at:

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  4. Penang is my home town and the Chulia Street Fruit's stall is my must visit place before.The guy in the picture is my friend too bad I lost contact with him.Is really nice I can see his picture here.We lost contact since I moved to Finland.

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