Monday, December 24, 2012

Nice Food in Kampar

Finally we have the chance to stay overnight at Kampar again. Of course, earned the opportunity to try more nice food in Kampar. First in our list, the famous curry chicken bread. We learned that there are a few famous restaurants offering the same dish. Kam Ling Restaurant and You Kee Restaurant are two of them. However, we tried that dish at Restaurant Jia Kampar (家好月圆大饭店). We really liked that restaurant, because it was fully air conditioned, good service, and easily accessible. Above all, very nice food. We took our lunch with our family there. The price, around RM12 per person. More information about Restaurant Jia is available here. Surprisingly, curry chicken bread was not introduced in the restaurant's webpage. Luckily, we have Bryant and Livien with us, or else we might never visit that restaurant. They knew the place well.

 Restaurant Jia Kampar is located at the corner of a two-storey shoplot at Masjid Road (upper left). The restaurant is clean and fully air-conditioned (upper right). The restaurant serves the famous Kampar Curry Chicken Bread (lower row).

A snap before enjoy our food with family members.

Evening, after we visited Kellie's Castle and Gopeng Gaharu Estate, we went to Kampar old town's market to take our dinner. At night, the area around the old town was quiet, but we were surprised by the happening at the food court. Under the dim fluorescence light, smoke from burning stools, sound of people talking and laughing indicated that we were at the right place. Hot? Nope, but the smoke was everywhere, due to the poor ventilation system. But, who cares? People like the food more than anything else. We really tried many food there with our family. Char kuey tiaw with clam and egg, chu cheong fun (or chee cheong fun), water spinach with squids, porridge with chicken, and wantan noodle were several of them. The wet market is located at Masjid Road, at the northern side of the old town. We learned from this blog that the market has many nice food to offer under the daylight.

Some of the food that we took at the market- chu cheong fun (upper left), water spinach with squids (upper right), char kuey tiaw with clam and egg (lower right) and taro cake.

This is what we saw around us at the market.

After taking our dinner, we went back to Kampar new town and took a walk around our hotel. Well, the temptation was tremendous, as there were many shops offering tempting food. We stopped at a small cart selling "lok-lok". Lok-lok is nothing new to many. But, how about RM 0.70 per stick of food? Well, price did the talking. We took several sticks of clams, water spinach with squid, and pork. The taste, not the best, but the price compensated. We found the cart at Hala Timah Road 1, west to Grand Kampar Hotel. Anyway, the cart might be moving around so, you might need some luck to find it.

 Various choices of food were offered.

 A few youngsters gathered around the cart, enjoying their supper.

Just before we went back to our hotel, we stopped at Black Ball Taiwanese Tea and Dessert at another side of Hala Timah Road 1. The shop was narrow, selling dessert and milk tea. Nice, but just a bit noisy, crowded with youngsters.

Black ball offers exquisite Taiwanese dessert and delighting Taiwanese pearl tea.

This is the first time we tried so many food in Kampar. The experience, great! Never thought that a small place like Kampar could ever come out with so many nice food. There are many more food in our list. We should visit Kampar again to try them all. Check up about food in Kampar by They provided many useful information to us.

Our sharing on other places nearby are available as well, as listed below.


  1. Alex, stop by Kampar next time when you travel north. Try at least the curry chicken bread :)