Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sibu Airport is Now Upgraded

We were proud of Sibu airport the moment we walked through the pier. We has been using the airport for many years.  The new facelift- futuristic design and fully air conditioned building is undoubtedly giving warm welcome message to all the visitors. To be frank, it is far better than many major airports in South East Asia region. I is a luxury for a town of 200k population.  The new upgraded airport building was officially operational in 2012. From the tourists' point of view- we like it very very much!

 Spacious check-in area.

Ample seat for visitors, with a few shops available for last minute shopping. Sugar Bun was available to provide meals and snacks.

 Fully air conditioned shopping and waiting area for visitors.

 Departure hall with sufficient seat for everyone.

 Cafe in the departure hall.

 Pick up and drop off area with a few transparent cover to save the lighting cost.

Taxi stand was just outside of the airport gates, with taxis lined up and ready to serve. The fare, RM 35 to Sibu town area. We didn't take bus in Sibu for more than 20 years. However, according to Lonely Planet, bus from Sibu Airport to town was available every 30 minutes, from 6 am to 6 pm. Beside taxi service, car rental service and tour service were available as well.

Sibu Airport is no more a nightmare for air traveller (believe us, it was really a terrible place). Cozy full air conditioned environment, ample of seat, systematic and easy to read signage, eateries and a few shops altogether make Sibu Airport now a comfortable place for a few hours stay. Free public Wifi? Not available yet. (Free Wifi is available in 2018, tested and confirmed by both of us)

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  1. is the departure hall is at the upper level or ground level? and oh, gow many gates are there for departure?

  2. The departure hall is at upper level (1st floor). How many gates... should be 5.

  3. We are landing at Sibu Airport at 9:30pm on a weekday. Will there still be taxis available to take us to Sibu downtown?

    1. Sure. The taxi will be around till the last flight landed. In case of delayed flight (touch wood), please read the post link for late night sibu airport taxi service:
      Wishing you have a wonderful trip ahead!

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