Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Great experience in KLIA2

Is it a shopping center, or an airport? Well, KLIA2 is both. It was an exciting moment when we firstly stepped into the new KLIA 2. First minute impression- it was huge! In the next 5 minutes, we discovered that it was clean, organized, and friendly to visitors.

KLIA2 no doubt is a great leap from old and small KLLCCT, which you might not even want to stay there for extra 30 minutes. The new airport houses a two-and-a-half-storey shopping mall, which will keep visitors busy for a few hours. Most of the tenants are food and beverages providers- McDonalds, KFC, Texas Chicken, Starbucks, Burger King, Baskin Robbins, Boost, Old Town White Coffee, Nando's, Kenny Roger Roasters and many more. They are the professionals in keeping the visitors well fed. How about last minute shopping? Well, just walk around the airport and you will find F.O.S., PoloHaus, Voir Gallery, Giordano, Euphoria, Skin Food, City Chain, The Body Shop, Carlo Rino, Beryl's and many more scatter within the complex. Bored by clothes, cosmetics, chocolates, or watches? Why not try to bring back some surprises, such as local food? Well, you might find some out of the box souvenirs at Jaya Grocer. We found that the price for the food and beverages offered by the fast food chains were reasonable.

The airport complex has five levels. Level 1 (L1) is the bus and taxi stations, providing free shutter service from KLIA2 to KLIA. The ticket counters are located at that level as well. Level 1M (L1M) connects to Tune Hotel which is located about 150 meters away via covered walkway. Level L2 (L2) is connected to arrival hall, ERL Station, and multi-storey car park. Level 2M (L2M) is designated for eateries, and Level 3 (L3) is connected to departure hall.

So far, we used only ERL to go to KLIA2 because it was very convenient. We parked our car at Putrajaya Central, hooped into train, and we were in KLIA2 in less than 30 minutes. The parking fee at Putrajaya Central was cheap- RM 5 per day, much cheaper than the parking fee in KLIA2.

A snapshot of shopping complex at L2 (upper and lower left), L2M (upper right), and L3. L2 is connected to arrival hall, while L3 is connected to departure hall.

  Spacious walkway, prepared to accommodate massive number of visitors.

KLIA transit and express (ERL) is located at L2, same level with the arrival hall. Ticket price from KLIA2 to KLIA was RM 2. However, the trip was free on shuttle bus available at L1. ERL schedule can be obtained from its official website, and you can find the fares and passes too.

Signs are strategically placed (upper left). Counters for bus and taxi tickets are located at L1 (upper right). L1M is connected to Tune Hotel with covered walkway (lower right). Many people were waiting for their friends and family outside. Maybe, they haven't discover that there is a shopping mall inside. By the way, the information about fares for taxi is available at

The signage with direction and estimated time to reach by foot.

 The departure hall is many times larger than its predecessor, KLLCCT.

 The walkway to the boarding gates is complemented with one-way travelator.

The boarding hall is filled with shops (upper left). One thing that we wish to complain- the slope on our way to J-gates is not friendly to visitors, especially when we need to do the CLIMBING after long, exhauted flight, on our way from the gate to the main building (upper right). The baggage reclaim hall is quite narrow (upper left), but the system is good by stating the estimated time for the first bag to arrive.

The arrival hall is behind this up scaling slope.

We read from one article which criticized the lack of identity for the airport. It stated that the gateway to Malaysia was focused too much on shopping and eating. Well, our opinion, comfort and convenience are the top elements for a world class airport. KLIA2 has them both. Well, the new airport is completed and officially opened. It is now in the hand of the management to keep it as a world class airport. Maintaining it at its top condition is always more challenging than building it.

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  1. KLIA2 is nothing but surprise to me. I had some expectation on the new airport, but KLIA2 is just beyond my imagination.

    1. Well done Malaysia. This is one of the best low cost terminal I have ever been.

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