Monday, September 29, 2014

Bagan Lalang Beach, A Good Place For A Short Escape

Bagan Lalang Beach is far away from city. Cooling breeze, green trees, soft and fine sand, clean sea water, and the clear sound of waves sweeping the edge of the beach make it a great place for a short escape.

We went to Bagan Lalang Beach early September with the members of Kajang Lutheran. From Kajang, we followed the signboard of Banting and Sungai Pelet, then Bagan Lalang. The signage were clear all the way until we reached the last kilometer of the kampung road (village road). However, we successfully reached the beach by following the main road (we were on the right track by sticking to the best-maintained road). From Kajang, we took around 2 hours to reach the beach, including a 30 minutes breakfast at Sungai Pelet food court.

The main road ends at a T-junction, which the sign "Selamat Datang" welcomes every visitor to Bagan Lalang.

10:45 am, the beach had received many visitors.

It was a hot day. The 10 o'clock sun was stinging, but it was not enough to stop the visitors from dipping in the sea.

The trees provide enough shade for everyone.

Golden Palm Tree Sea Villas & Spa Hotel is a prominent landmark at Bagan Lalang, which can be seen far away from the beach. Click on the photo for larger panoramic view.

What can we do at Bagan Lalang? We can have our picnic, camping & BBQ (upper left), kite flying (upper right), sea-shell collecting (lower left), or just simply play with sand, stroll around, or swimming in the sea.

There are some shops selling kites (upper left), cheap shirts (upper right), and food (lower left) along the beach. 

Ample parking space (upper left), seafood restaurants which mostly operate at night (upper right), toilet and bathrooms (lower right) are available. The bathroom is located beside the seafood restaurants. Play ground is available for the children too.

There was a vendor providing motor-glider to the visitors with RM180 for 15 minutes of air-time. 

Fresh catch from the sea can be bought from another end of the beach, far away from the palm resort (upper left). Cheap? Nope, but the seafood was really fresh. So it is a good place to stock up our icebox before BBQ.

Bagan Lalang surprised us with its natural beauty, which was much better than over-developed Port Dickson. It is a good place for local people nearby. However, it is far behind several major beaches like Tajung Rhu in Langkawi, Tajung Aru in Kota Kinabalu, or Feringghi in Penang. So if you have flown thousand miles to Malaysia, please fill your itinerary with some other more attractive places, unless you really wish to stay a night or two in the well-known Golden Palm Resort.

Before you depart to Bagan Lalang Beach, please bear in mind that the food sold at the vendors along the beach is really limited during day time, so we might need to bring our own food if we are going to stay there for a long time. We might need to bring our own BBQ tools too as the facility was not provided. We found only one location with toilets and bathrooms  (nearby Golden Palm Resort, beside the Bagan Lalang food court). Settling down somewhere nearby the location will be lot more convenient. Other than that, the shelter for the rain is terribly lacking. So, please pay attention to the weather forecast a day or two to avoid disappointment.

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  1. Bagan Lalang is always filled with local people like my family, but it seems like PD is more packed with foreign tourists. Good to read your blog and your photos.

    1. One thing about the beach- some of the places are dirty. Ltters and rubbish are every where. Cleaners should work harder and visitors should keep the beach clean. It will be a great beach if it is clean. btw, we visit the beach at least once a month.

  2. You are right, PD is still a popular tourist attraction :)

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