Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Refarm, A Good Place for Short Rejuvenation in Kampar

Refarm is a recreation farm. Fish ponds, rooms for overnight stay (not cheap), halls for birthday party, gazebo for outdoor activities, and several types of old MacDonald's farm critters. Not to forget the best part of the farm- a big swimming pool with the water pouring down straight from the waterfall. For us, the all-natural water from the mountain range far behind the farm was selling point that worth the entrance fee paid.

Approximately 4 kms from Kampar (to Tapah and Cameron direction, address is lot 6059, Jalan Temoh-Kampar), Refarm can be easily spotted as it's located just beside the main road. The entrance was not catching our attention at all, so we didn't realize its presence until we were invited by Bryant. The entrance fee was RM10 for adult and RM5 for child. It opened daily from 9 am to 6 pm.

First of all, our advices- be early and be ready to get wet. The farm was still under minor construction and there were less shades. Gazebos and some big trees could help to chill a bit, but the whole area was very hot and humid under the sun. The swimming pool could be the only place that remained cold after 11 am. There was a fish catching area fun for children. The area however was a bit too big and the fish could easily elude the clumsy net. The animals feeding area was not attractive, hence a quick walkthrough would be just fine. So again, the main attractive would be the pool. By the way, if you are really a big fan of old MacDonald's pets, you may visit Farm in the City in Selangor. It is a good educational farm for children.

Decent entrance of Refarm. Luckily, ample car parks were prepared.

The entrance of the park is located next to the restaurant (upper left). The ticketing area was narrow. The restaurant had limited operation time, and it offered non-halal food (upper right). There was a shady walkway right after the entrance (lower left), with some fish in not-so-attractive tank.

There were a few fish ponds, decorated with newly planted shrubs.

The best part of the farm- the swimming pool! You can see the water pours into the pool from waterfall far behind.

There are shading huts beside the pool, with tables and chairs prepared for snacks and rest.

We could see ongoing constructions around, reflecting the ambition of the farm owner (upper left). A view from the top of the hill (upper right), where the rest houses located (lower right). The pool for fish catching was a bit too big for novice "fisherman". 

We could touch only two types of animals- goat and horse.

We took our lunch at Refarm Restaurant with Livien's family. The food was average, with overall small portion. The restaurant surprised us with no credit card payment allowed. Luckily we brought enough cash.

We stayed in the farm for around 1 hour and 30 minutes. To our surprise, we were not bitten even once by mosquito. The farm was clean without unpleasant smell from animals. So, if you wish to have a dip in natural waterfall, Refarm provides a good alternative that saves us from a long walk through the jungle, such as waterfall at Nopungguk. By the way, there was a food stall inside the farm, providing snacks and drinks with reasonable price.

So, visit Refarm again? Yes, and will bring along the towels and swimming suits with us.

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