Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Travel Photos of Bali 1

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Travellers, lone, pairs, groups, from different part of the world, gather here to enjoy the same beach, sand, air, and same water. In Bali, none will feel along, at least on the outside.

A lazy afternoon with cold beers and good friends. We don't drink beer, nor the habit to sit under the shade of the trees in the afternoon. We just shared the relaxing atmosphere along the few kilometers of white sandy beach.

White beach and blue waves, green leaves and cool breeze, spiced up by the laugher of sun lovers.

Rough Kuta and Legian Beaches provide a great waves for the surfers. For photographers, it is a good place to capture the actions in this watersport. Without his SLR, that's the best LS could capture with compact DC, borrowed from Livien.

Laying still, the "big-canoe" is resting, and awaiting for the the call of duty. Photo taken in the late afternoon at Kuta Beach. The blazing sun lost its sting to the strong wind.

The gateway to Kuta Beach, with the statues of guardians standing, protecting, and blessing. Same guardians, years by years, different visitors, day by day.

A silence allusion that shouts out loud- Bali is the best place for Summer Christmas.

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  1. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. i like the design of the gateway to the beach...

    thanks to the photographer for capturing its beauty