Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Travel Photos of Bali 2

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The beauty of the Bali reaches the rooftop of our hotel. Peace and tranquillity, the the taste of the Balinese design.

The heart of Kuta, with Matahari Square on the left and Kuta Square on the right.

Exotic Bali at Legian Road. The one way street has much too offer- wide range of souvenirs, cloths, surfing equipments, bars and pubs, money changers, local tourism boothes etc.

Protection from other world relies on faith, and offering strenghten the faith. Pure in Hinduism, most Balinese make their offering at least twice a day, many with flowers, and some with money. From the reflection, RP10000 might not enough for a simple meal, but it means a lot for the locals with an average salary of 3 USD per day. RP10000 = 1 USD.

Sunrise at Vilarisi Hotel. We were privileged to the beauty of the nature with some effort- woke up early and opened our door on the balcony side.

Gallery artists at Batuan, Ubud. There are two types of artists, invited and permanent. The invited artists work on part time basis, usually more skillful and responsible for the painting with great details.

Batik painter at tohpati, Ubud works attentively. Indonesian and Malaysian Batik with great variation between each other once shared a same common cultural point.

Nicely decorated boutique at Legian Road stand out among the rest.

Click Here for more about our experience in Bali.

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