Friday, April 8, 2011

Travel Photos for the Temples of Angkor

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Top of the Phnom Bakheng, the level that once only the highest hierarchies could access, now been opened to everyone.

Elephant lane... Or we should warn the elephants about the presence of human being?

Sitting in peace for few hundred of years, waiting for the return of the missing part of the body. The waiting might end soon as UNESCO is undergoing extensive restoration upon Preah Khan.

A wrestling between the bricks and the trees. The fair fight is over as the unfair referee interferes.

Tree that grows on the building, or the building that been built under the tree?
Snakes, monkeys, elephants, and cows are the highlights of the souvenirs. Does anyone cares about the children?

Ancient doorways that lead to the center of Ta Prohm, a center of religion with great engineering of precision and craftmanship.

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