Friday, April 8, 2011

Travel Photos of Angkor Wat

A quick preview:

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Stand out of the mud without getting stained- the lotus best ellude the Sacred Angkor Wat, stands firm against the wave of time.

Engineered for greatness, the prasat of Angkor Wat stands high as a witness of the rose and the fall of Khmer Empire.

"I will be back..." Was that the last emperor of Khmer Empire thought when he was walking through this magnificient corridor, exiled by Siam army. Personally, LS felt that the corridor reminded him a lot about the "Mine of Moria" in LOTR.

Believers never forget to leave their prayers here, as the temple is the sanctuary for both Hindu and Buddhist.

UNESCO restorers are trying their very best to send all the broken pieces back to their origin. However, some puzzles seems to get them really tested, for now.

Heavenly dancers, the evidence of the fine Angkorian craftmanship. The sculptures reaches a incredible number of 1500, and all of them have unique poses.

"Charge and leave no prisoner!" Bas-reliefs depict a historical warfare on a gallery at Angkor Wat.

"Shot right between the eyes!" The general in the battle of Kurukshetra is a sharp shooter.

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