Friday, November 4, 2011

TravePhoto @ Malacca

Melaka has always been considered the starting point of the Malaysian Sultanate Dynasties, which many of the Sultans of the states today share the same family tree with Parameswara, the founder of Melaka. Melaka has influenced Malaysia in many ways. The Official Religion of Malaysia- Islam, is one of the legacies from the sultanate of Melaka.

We has been to Melaka for several times, and wish to share some of our photos on Melaka with all of you. Hope you enjoy them!

Special Notes:
-Please click on "Show Info" at top right corner of the slideshow to see the caption of the photos. If you can't find the menu, press "control" key and scroll "up" your mouse to enlarge the font size.
-While keep the slideshow playing, keep your mouse out of the slideshow "screen" to see the "full-screen" photos.

These photos can be viewed at highest resolution on Ling Shing's flickr.

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