Thursday, October 18, 2012

Food in Phnom Penh

We love Cambodian food. We love the spices (especially the strong taste of basil), the way of cooking, the fragrance rice, the mixing fruit and vegetable with the dishes. We have share much about Cambodian food in our previous post here. We would like to recommend two shops here- Sugar 'n Spices (Daughter of Cambodia) and Romdeng. Both of the shops run by non-profit organization to serve the community.

Daughter of Cambodia is a non-governmental organization established to reach out to the victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia. We came across this organization through, where the shop is categorized under attraction. The shop is divided into several sections- souvenir selling and massage service is offered on the ground floor, while the first floor is a cafe named Sugar 'n Spices.

The cafe is located at 65, Street 178, 5 minutes away from National Museum of Cambodia. The cafe was clean, well managed, polite waitresses, interesting menu, and, with a few things that surprised us. First, the restaurant was fully air conditioned. Second, the portion of the food was big with cheerful display. Thirdly, it was opened only from 9 am to 6 pm, from Monday to Saturday, unusual in the sense of missing both breakfast and dinner hours. We ordered two dishes with really special names, which we couldn't recall them. We enjoyed our meal for around one hour, and that's the time the last surprise kicked in- we were the only Asian customers in the cafe through our stay.

 This is a meal for one pax.

 This dish is really special, mixing mango with pork, eat together with Khmer salad.

Romdeng Restaurant was established by Mith Samlanh (friends), as an effort to integrate street children into the society by providing training, jobs, and even schooling to them. Located at 74, Street 174, the restaurant is just a street away from Sugar 'n Spices. The restaurant was well decorated with relaxing atmosphere. It was a wonderful place for dinner.

A nice pool is really a valuable add on for Romdeng. Beside a beautiful pool, there is a small souvenir shop on the second floor of the restaurant.

 Amok fish, traditional Khmer food that we missed a lot after we had tried it for the first time in Siem Reap.

 This dish has a fancy long name- Two coloured pamelo salad with shrimps and toasted coconut.

The young waiter who helped us to take this photo had never touched a DSLR before. But, he learned fast, and learned well, with just one simple demo.

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