Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Phnom Penh Shopping and Accommodation

We stayed in Landscape Hotel, which offered a good panoramic view over Phnom Penh City. As far as we could see, it was one of the tallest building within the area. The good side about the hotel, polite staff, big room with enough amenity for a comfortable stay, nice top floor restaurant with delighting food, and the location is strategic. By foot from the hotel, 10 minutes to Royal Palace, another additional 5 - 10 minutes to the museum and river front, and, if you really can walk, the central market is 30 - 40 minutes away (USD1.5 with tut-tut in 10 minutes). The down side, we need a little bit of patient to communicate with some of the staff in English.

A great river view, where Tonle Sap joins the flow of mighty Mekong River. This photo was taken at the top floor of Landscape Hotel. Please click on the photo for higher quality view.

City view of Phnom Penh.

Reception counter (upper left), the lobby (upper right), restaurant (lower left), and the room of Landscape Hotel.

Psar Thmei or Central Market is a shopper's heaven in Phnom Penh. Other hotspots include several shopping complexes such as Suriya Shopping Mall and Pencil Supermarket, and roadside shops. 

We went to Central Market quite late in the afternoon, and strolled around for about 1 hour. With a little bit of disappointment, we left the market empty handed. Anyway, we are not talent shoppers, with very low interest to buy anything that the quality of the item cannot be determined.
Bright yellow dome at the center of market brightened the whole area (upper left). Jewellery and watches are available at the center part of the market, with the four wings are selling different items, from clothes, foot wears, bags, groceries, to food and beverages.

 Maybe, we should visit the souvenir shops like this to get something more indigenous.

One of the night market in Phnom Penh.

Well, last part of our Phnom Penh trip, we would like to share some of the photos taken on the street of Phnom Penh.

Streets in front of Suriya Shopping Mall (upper left) and along river front (upper right). Stalls selling various type of items can be found all around the city (lower left). After the flash flood, the locals dry their clothes on the low wall.

 A food stall by the road.

 Motorbikes are very popular among the locals.

 Scouts by the traffic light, teaching drivers to stop on red light?

Phnom Penh is filled with gardens like this (upper left). Independent Monument is located in the middle of a roundabout at Preah Suramarit Boulevard. Experience the relaxing atmosphere at the river front early in the morning (lower left), as well as late afternoon.
Tonle Sap by the river front.

Statue at the river front.

That's all about our recent trip to Phnom Penh. Hope you all found our sharing helpful. Please feel free to contact us to discuss more about our trips. Please visit All Our Destinations to read more about our previous trips, or you might want to read about our experience in Siem Reap and Angkor Archeological Park.

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