Saturday, November 24, 2012

Legoland Johor Bahru

No doubt, Legoland is a must visit place in Malaysia. Legoland has been a strong magnet that attracted us to visit Johor Bahru for the second time, even though we were not big fans of Lego toys. That is the first Legoland in Asia. The Miniland alone was built with more than 30 millions of Lego bricks. Seven fun packed themed area with more than 40 rides, attractions, and shows. All these magical statistics have lures massive crowd into the park.

The entrance fee for adult (12-60 year old) is RM 140 (USD 47), and RM 110 (USD 37) for child and senior citizen. Online ticket is available with 25% off but booking has to be done 7 days in advance. So, why not book the ticket online? Click here for more ticketing information. We stepped into the Legoland around 10:50 am and had stayed until 6 pm.

Hot and humid. That's the price to pay in order to get some fun, besides the entrance fee. Hat, umbrella, comfortable clothes and footwear, small towels, sunblock, extra clothes, enough drinking water (or enough money to buy drinks inside the theme park), we brought all of them. We advise that you bring at least a few of them, if not all. An umbrella, at least. The theme park just started its operation few months ago, the trees and the shrubs were not grown big enough to provide shades. There were limited shelters as well. So, an umbrella is necessary to protect ourselves from blasting UV or soaking rain.

Now, we would like to walk through the Legoland with our photos. In clockwise direction, the areas that we visited in were The Beginning, Lego Technics, Lego Kingdoms, Imagination, Land of Adventure, Lego City, and Miniland.

This is the main entrance of Legoland 10 a.m. in the morning. As you can see, massive crowd is fluxing into the park.

Long queue formed in front of ticketing counter (upper left), with many of them have to wait under the hot sun for their turn to buy the tickets.

The beginning in fact is a small square right after the entrance, with several shops selling food, souvenirs, and providing other services.

 We visited Lego Technics as our first station.  Mindstorms and Lego Academy are two attractions for the kids (not for us). Other than that, three rides and a cafe. There was a giant red octopus fighting with several Lego heros at the middle of area (upper left). The entrance of Mindstorms and Lego Academy is marked by a huge Einstein sculpture, made by Lego (lower left). Two robots were standing in front of the cafe (lower right).

The photos showed two of the rides that we took- Technic Twister (upper left) and Project X. Project X is the roller coaster with 4-passenger cars (lower left). We queued for almost one hour for just a ride- the longest waiting time in Legoland.
This signage on hill from Lego Technic area (this photo was edited with Photoshop).

Legoland Kingdoms is a medieval themed area.

Lego Kingdoms is well decorated with different Lego characters. The area housed two roller coasters- Dragon Apprentice and Dragon. We took a ride on Dragon Apprentice, which is a junior roller coaster (upper right). We left Dragon, which is more intense and thrill packed aside.

The royal castle at the deepest side of Kingdoms.

The Lego Castle doesn't host Sleeping Beauty, but serves as an entrance to Dragon roller coaster.

Lego Imagination was the third area that we visited, where we went for 4D movie (lower right). We missed the observation tower as the ride was closed due to the technical problem.

  Musical fountain at Lego Imagination area.

Next to Lego Imagination is Lego Adventure. The Lost Kingdom Adventure (inside the building with Pharaoh's sculpture, upper right) is the ride that we would recommend to all.

Lego characters on the Dino Island in Adventureland.

Dino Island ride is somewhere that you will get wet.

Lego City is designed for kids. This photo was taken from The Beginning, showing a scene of Boating School.

 Legoland Express offers a five minutes ride around Legoland. However, we couldn't really see much nice view along the ride.

The Market Restaurant is the most interesting eatery in the theme park. It was decorated by many cute Lego chefs, busy preparing food for the customers.

The last area in Legoland- Miniland was built with more than 200 millions Lego bricks. Can you imagine they actually built the mini Putrajaya with Lego bricks?

Mini Kuala Lumpur. The streets were decorated in details with little Legoland citizens and cars.

These are the models of the attractions in China (upper left), Cambodia (upper right), Indonesia (lower right), and Brunei (lower left).

Clarke Quay Singapore. Photo taken with miniature mode.

We stopped for a while at Castle Games booth, tried the shooting game, and smiled all the way out with this big cute sheep.

Legoland is definitely a must visit place in Johor Bahru. There is still room for improvement, and we really hope that the park will get better in future. For instance, starting from 10 am sharp, we joined about 60 others in the ticketing queue. We should give more chance for the newly established theme park to improve. However, we really felt that, as an international theme park, wasn't 45 minutes too long for them to serve a crowd of 60? The car park is very much exposed but we think, the condition will get better when the shrubs and trees grow bigger. Revisit? Yes, of course. But hopefully, with some of our family and friends. 

Map, detail about ticketing and entrance fees, operational days and hours, and other information about Legoland is available at Legoland official page. We will write more JB's food in our next post. Stay with us.

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  1. can i have the big cute sheep?

    1. Can. Let's visit Legoland together and we will get one for you :) Btw, the sheep is now sitting in our living room. It is really cute :D

  2. for adults, would it be too expensive/kiddie??? that's what i'm worried about the most when it comes to Legoland. i know if to go with families, definitely the kid will enjoy, but say, with friends and no kids involved???

    i'm going to Johor Bharu this coming weekend for wedding dinner and initially thought of going, but my friend is not interested/not willing to pay the entrance fee. so, i'm thinking of going next time with my family.

    1. For our personal opinion, both adults and kids will enjoy Legoland. Even though there are a few areas designed specially for kids only, it is not kiddie. The park is special, compared to Sunway Lagoon, or Time Square Indoor Theme Park.

      We know it won't be fair to put HK Disneyland against JB Legoland. HK Disneyland is even much lacking in thrilling ride, but it attracts even more adults than children.

      Of course, we need to take the price into account- say, a family of 2 adults and three kids might easily summed up to RM 600++. It is definitely not a place where we can visit once a month, or even once a year (like Sunway Lagoon). But, it is definitely a place that we shall visit at least once a lifetime.

    2. Yea, I agree with the once in a lifetime saying too...

      Disneyland banks on childhood memories and I guess it's the same case with Legoland here...

      I'll go with my sister on my next visit to Johor Bharu, I think...

      and I'm not a fan of Time Square Indoor Theme Park...

    3. Great to know that. Btw, there is another themed park named Hello Kitty Town. We didn't really go into the "town", which is in fact at the 2nd floor of a commercial centre.

      The entrance is RM50 per adult. We might go in and take a look next time we visit JB. Or maybe you can visit the "town" first and share your experience with us :)