Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nice Food in Johor Bahru

During our stay in Johor Bahru, we tried some very nice food, credit to our JB friends and for their recommendation. You might like to read about our experience in Legoland Johor Bahru, as well as places of interest in Johor Bahru that we have visited in our previous trip.

On our arrival at JB around 11:30 am, we went to Kam Long but the queue was too long. So, our second choice, Restoran Ya Wang for lunch. Restoran Ya Wang is easy to locate at Segget Road, some 50 meters away from Wong Ah Fook Road.

Restaurant Ya Wang is easy to locate for its unique outlook. It is not easy to miss the enormous hanging roasted duck outside of the restaurant.

We tried the roasted duck, chicken, and pork (commonly considered as char siew). All of them taste nice. 

At night, we enjoyed our dinner at the market located at Keris Road, by Tebrau Highway. The market is located 3 km from Johor Bahru Central. The market might not be easy to access without our own transportation. There is a hawker centre in the market selling many types of local dish. We found very nice seafood. Fresh and delicious. Do expect a large crowd and parking space is quite limited during the dinner time. The ventilation system in the market was not well designed, trapping smoke from the cooking in the building. Which stall is the best? We can't remember the number of the stalls, but we do have a thumb rule- follow the crowd.

The market is easy to locate from Keris Road (upper left), with many food stalls under one roof (upper right). Fried oyster with egg (lower left) and fried squid with sambal (lower right) were two of the dish that we tried there.

Learned from our experience a day before, we visited Kam Long Restaurant for fish head curry in early morning around 8:45 am. There was less crowd there, and we found a place to sit without waiting a second. The cook started to prepare the dish only when the customer has placed the order. That might be the reason of the queue during lunch time. Personally, we feel that the curry was nice (a bit sweet instead of hot and spicy), but it was not until the extend for us to queue for it. Anyway, if you visit JB and by chance found that there was nobody queuing in front of the restaurant, please grab this once in a while opportunity. This restaurant is located at Wong Ah Fook Road, on the same side with City Square.

This is how Kam Long Restaurant looks like from outside (upper left) and inside (upper right). The fish was really fresh and sweet, served with vegetable and dried tofu (lower right). The ingredients for the dish were all displayed in front of the restaurant.

Some said the restaurant is hidden in the middle of sign boards. Well, this is how the restaurant looks like from Wong Ah Fook Road.

We went to Meldrum Road for our dinner, after an exhausting day in Legoland. Meldrum Road is located beside City Square, in between Tun Abdul Razak Road and Wong Ah Fook Road. There were many stalls scattered along the road, with many hidden behind the shop lots. Indian food, Chinese food, seafood, halal food, non-halal food, the choices were many. As recommended by our friend, we tried the seafood, fresh and cheap. One of the stalls selling fried kuey teow attracted many locals. However, we found the taste was not that good, too salty with no cockle. The condition around Meldrum Road was not appealing as many of the stalls were located just beside the drainage system, with some pests like mosquitoes roaming around. However, if you trust roadside food in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Yogyakarta, or Bangkok like us, then you will have no problem adopting yourself into this parade of local delicacies.
A scene at the walkway behind the shop lots with many food stalls (upper left and right). These are the food that we ordered from the stalls, char kuey teow (lower left) and roasted fish.

Of course JB has many other nice food. Please follow us to our latest update about more food in JB.


  1. awesome blog...

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  2. Great to get you back, knowing that you are quite busy with your work recently. Thanks for spending time with us. All the best!

  3. Will be in JB tomorrow.
    This help me to find cheap food in town.

    Thanks for the great posting

    1. Thank you very much! Wish you have a wonderful time in JB.

  4. Is ya wang open on monday ?

    1. Dear friend, we are not quite sure about that. However, based on the information from Johorkaki, it should be open everyday.