Sunday, August 4, 2019

Food in Tainan

There are many nice food in Tainan. If we stay at the town center, we can find nice eateries nearby  Chihkan Tower. Or we can roam around Minzu Road, Guohua Street, Hai'an Road, Bao'an Street and the area in vicinity. We spent two nights there and tried many types of dishes along the streets. The prices of the food were within NTD 40 to NTD 250 per portion.  Let us start with the eateries nearby Chihkan Tower.

DuXiaoYue Noodle Shop and Chihkan Lou Eatery are located beside Chihkan (upper left). We tried a few dishes such as fried noodle (upper right), danzimian with egg (ta-a noodles, 担仔面)(lower right), and squid in thick soup (花枝羹).  

Zhang Jia Eatery is located at Minzu Road section 2, nearby DuXiaoYue Noodle Shop (upper left). We tried unagi noodle in thick soup (鳝鱼羹面)(upper right), fried oyster with egg ( 蚵仔煎) (lower right), and special bread with vegetable and seafood sauce. The local calls the bread "coffin board" (棺材板). The coffin board was nice.

YongLe Roasted Pork Shop located at Minzu Road section 2, beside the junction of Guohua Street (upper left). The shop was full with customers when we arrived around 8 pm. We tried a few dishes- fried fish (upper right), sliced pork (lower right), and stewed pork with rice. Each dish came with vegetable salad with egg and soup. The portion was big for one person.

We walked around Bao'an Road and tried several types of food- roasted duck (upper right), curry rice (lower right), and duck rice (lower left) at A Juan Curry Rice and Duck Soup. The shop located at the east side of Bao'an Road.

We tried several other food along the road, such as fried rice cake with egg (米粿) (upper left), fried rice with lark (猪油拌饭) (upper right), and desserts (lower row). The desserts were a bit sweet, even after our request to reduce the sugar.

Win Chang Beef Soup Shop is located at An Ping Road. We visited the shop on our way to Anping Old Fort. The shop was full with customers during our visit around 1 pm (upper left). We tried the signature beef soup (upper right), beef noodle (lower right), and fried rice with beef. All dishes tasted good.

The historical sites of Tainan are scattered all around the city. So we can visit them while we are on our way to get nice food along the streets.

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  1. Gosh, looking at all the lovely food sure make me hungry.
    I will have to try my best to hunt them down when I do Taiwan next time.


    1. Go and get them Alex! Do write to us and we might be able to provide some tips for you :)