Sunday, August 4, 2019

Kaohsiung Night Markets

We visited two night markets in Kaohsiung- Liuhe Night Market and Rueifong Night Market. Liuhe Night Market is located right beside Formosa Boulevard MRT Station, at Liuhe Road 2. It is nearby our hotel. 

Liuhe Night Market is huge and well organized. A wide area has been designated for pedestrian. We can find various types of street food and local products along the market. There are several eateries and convenient shops available as well. We visited the market twice in our 3-day stay in Kaohsiung.  

Entrance of Liuhe Night Market at Zhongshan Road. It was 7 pm. We could see visitors were moving into the market.

We were attracted by the poster of the Mayor of Kaohsiung- Han Kuo-yu (韩国瑜)in front of a stall selling local products.

Crispy fried squid (upper left), special small sausage wrapped in big sausage (upper right), grilled beef (lower right), and fried chicken were really nice. 

Fried oyster with egg (upper left), oyster with mee sua in thick soup (upper right), crispy fried small crabs (lower right), and fried pork were some of the food that we had tried.

Rueifong Night Market is located around 300 meters away from Kaohsiung Arena MRT Station- take the exit 1 of the station and follow the crowd, and we shall reach the night market in a few minutes.

The walkway at Rueifong was narrow and we needed to squeeze through the crowd to move forward. It was hard to get a place for us to stand while waiting for our food to be served. We like Liuhe more than Rueifong. Well, Liuhe was designed for the tourists like us, while Rueifong was mainly serving the locals.

The entrance to Rueifong Market.

We can hardly find a place to stand in Rueifong Night Market.

There are more variety of food available in Rueifong, compared to Liuhe. However, the crowd made us very uncomfortable. Several types of food that we tried- grilled squid (upper right), fried noodle (lower right), and fried rice with duck. The food were nice.

The stalls for games and family activities were available in Ruei Fong Night Market. These stalls attract more locals to the night market.

Anyway, both of the night markets- Liuhe and Rueifong are worth a visit. We visited Cijin District in Kaohsiung as well. Please follow us if you wish to read more about our experience at Cijin.

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