Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Putrajaya Botanical Garden

Soft sunlight, soft wind, fresh air, and lushly green surrounding. That's a nice day for us to visit Putrajaya Botanical Garden. We went there once long time ago, without our camera. So, this time, with our camera (we brought Kelly and Livien as our cameramen as well :-p).

Our photo at the stairway from the open air carpark to the main entrance.

Upper left: Nicely tiled stairway (upper left). Tiles at the main entrance are embedded with pictures of plants that are available inside the garden with their scientific names (not all of them, as the garden accomodates more than 700 species of plants)(upper right). Photo on the right shows enlarged photo of one of the tiles with the pictures of plants.

Covering an area of around 90 hectares, Putrajaya Botanical Garden is the biggest botanical garden in Malaysia to date. We started our exploration with canopy bridge- a hundred meters long overhead bridge, overlooking a huge area of canopical shrubs with scattered bushes. Ferns, climbing and parasitic plants? More than you can count. All of them were harmonized nicely for a peaceful mind... and produce a lot of oxygen.

Tourist's information centre (the entrance) from the canopy bridge (left). The long bridge cut through the canopy of trees.

When you walk on the canopy bridge, that what you can see 20 feet above your head (left), and what you can see 20 feet below your feet (right).

Others attraction for us- Vine garden with high density of climbing plants, including big Nepenthes, Sun Garden with ornamental sundial, cooling Floral Steps with shady trees, and Ficus Shades.

Left: Betty and Kelly at The Vine Garden. Right: Nepethes and flowering climbing plants available in the garden.

Our photos at shady Floral Steps.

Situated high above Precinct 1, Seri Perdana, the official residence of Prime Minister of Malaysia in Precinct 10 can be seen afar from top of Palm Hill of the botanical garden.

A unusually big Sundial (or just a monument?) at Sun Garden (left). Livien, Betty, and Kelly on the stairs we took from Palm Hill to Sun Garden.

Path of Ficus Shades brought us to the lakeside with nice view on Putrajaya.

If you are Malaysian, you should know how do Malaysian botanical gardens look like. If you are not Malaysian, then, from here, you shall know that you cannot expect more than a beautiful garden, for the place named "botanical garden" in Malaysia (no research institution, plants library, genetics library, or any hightech. facilities).

Live nearby, and need a half day off from your routine without a long travel? This garden is an excellent place for you and your family. But, if you are from other country, having a short and tight vacation here, this garden shall not be in yours top priority. Anyway, you are welcomed to put this garden as one of your many stops for your whole Putrajaya tour.

Well blended architectures with the environment.

The park opens 9 am - 7 pm daily, and the admission is free. There is an interaction centre, opens from 10 am - 6 pm, admission is RM 3.

Several advices from us: visit the garden early (9 a.m. should be fine) to avoid burning sun, apply some insect repellent to ensure that you won't become the buffet breakfast for mosquitoes, avoid Lake Broadwalk unless you are really interested in it, as the broadwalk will put you directly under the sun, lastly bring enough drinking water, as we didn't see any canteen or F & B vendor inside the garden.

Btw, the best way to get there is by car. Alternatives, take commuter train to Kajang Station follow by taxi, or take ERL to Putrajaya Station follow by taxi or Nadi Buses (recommended) to the botanical garden.

Before we left the garden around 1 p.m., we grabbed the opportunity to take photo at the lakeside, opposite to the Prime Minister Office, Perdana Putra and Putra Mosque. The Formula Futura power boat race was held on the lake at the moment we took this photo. You might be able to catch the small racing boat on the far left of the lake in this photo.

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You can get some advice from Malaysia Board of Tourism and Malaysia vacation guide, or join a Putrajaya sightseeing tour as well.

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