Friday, August 12, 2011

Perdana Park Putrajaya

Not more than a big nice garden, that was all we can say about the park. It is good for a afternoon jog or a family outing. But, if you are a foreign visitor, the park should not be your first priority, unless you are staying in Shangri-La Hotel Putrajaya. Without nice view on the top of the hill, or the reflection from the nicely landscaped Putrajaya lake, Perdana Park is inferior to many other parks and gardens in Putrajaya, such as Wawasan Park, Botanical Park, and Agriculture Heritage Park.

The broad walkway that spans to the heart of the park, where the New Millennium Point stands, is the center of the park.

New Millennium Point is located at the middle of the park.

However, there are something that the garden can offer. Firstly, with a blast of trees and shrubs, flowers and vines, the garden didn't lack of any of the sense of greenery. Secondly, the jogging track, well shaded and enough to soak our sportswear. Thirdly, the megalith garden, not impressive but offer a little bit of surprise, and last but not least, several playgrounds for kids.

One of the playgrounds for children (upper left). Well shaded jogging track by trees (upper right). Chairs are available, good for a sweet chat, or just stay quiet to listen to the chirping birds and blowing wind (lower left). Car park is ample, not only for the park's visitors, but for many conference participants at Shangri-La Hotel Putrajaya.

Pond and vines along the walkway.

Megalith garden filled with many megaliths. Ranged from ankle height to several feet tall, the stone garden offers some element of surprise to the first timer.

The focus of the children- the playground. They are several of them all together.

A view from the top of the hill, 50 m away from the New Millennium point.

The residential area can be seen from the hill. However, the overgrown trees blocked the nice continuous view from there.

The park is located at Presinct 2 of Putrajaya. A car is the most ideal way to reach there, while Nadi Putrajaya bus service is available from Putrajaya Central. The park is located beside Shangri-La Hotel Putrajaya. So, if you have the chance to visit or stay in the hotel, you may take a walk in the park, if you have nothing better to do. There is no vendor available. Therefore food and drink have to be prepared beforehand, to quench thirst and hunger.

Three good things about the park, on top of everything mentioned, good security (at least some patrols were sighted), and very clean toilets, and good maintenance.

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