Monday, November 2, 2009

Ministries Presint, Putrajaya

In fact, Ministries Presint (precinct in English) here refers to the Presint 2, 3, 4, including the Prime Minister Department and Putrajaya International Convention Centre. We have being there for many times, and we would like to share some photos we took during our recent "revisit" few days ago.

Left: Putra Mosque- a mosque that can accomodate more than 10,000 people. There are dinning and souvenir shops at underground floor besides Putra Mosque (can be accessed through escalators). Right: Our photos with Prime Minister Department (upper) and Putrajaya International Convention Centre (lower).

Putrajaya is the Centre of administration for our country. Most ministries buildings have their own identity, and believe me, together with unique street light for each road, they are simply symbolic. In case you never being there yet, here are some advices for you about the food. Most of the ministries have their own cafeteria within the building, but most of them are off operation outside governmental working hours. So, if you visit the place during public holidays or off working hours, the most popular places that we can go for our meals are Alamanda (various choices) and the food court beside Putra Mosque (underground floor) facing the Royal Selangor Palace.

The mosque is simply magnificent! It can accomodate more than 10,000 people in a single time, and yes, it is open to all, with proper attires. For ladies, not too sexy, and the scarves are provided FOC at the entrance; for man, smart casual and no shorts allowed.

Front view of Ministry of Finance.

Left: Nicely landscaped ministry buildings. Right: Ministry buildings.

If you planned to take a walk around the place, we would like to advice that either you make it in the morning, or late evening. If you wish to enjoy the night scene of the place, then, late evening might be a better choice. Parking along the roadside will be ok for most of the places around Putrajaya except Alamanda (don't park illegally and shop). So, feel free to stop and hop from your car to take photo, any time, any place you like. A little bit of add on information: the lakes, or water bodies in Putrajaya are man made, 100%, serve as water reserves and filters for downstream.

A well designed bridge besides PICC.
Alamanda is a name for shopping centre at Putrajaya. It's not big, but give us a lot of sense of leisure. We can get various types of food here, from local delicacies, fast food like (KFC, McD, Burger King), Japanese, Thai, Western cuisine to South African Peri-peri meal. Parkson Grand, Carrefour, and Cold Storage are available too.

For more information about Putrajaya, you can visit Official Website of Putrajaya (hope it's useful), Wikipedia, or Putrajaya area guides.

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