Our TravePhoto

We took hundreds of photos in every single trip. From there, we picked only a few to be shared in our TravePhoto. We did this with great effort, for each of the photo picked, there must be a reason behind, and of course, we would like to bring only the very best to all our readers. Compromising the browsing speed, we will try our best to compress every single photo below 200 kb. We wish you all have an enjoyable time with our TravePhoto, take a look and go!

KL Bird Park [Our TravePhoto & KL Bird Park] flickr slideshow presentation.

Malacca UNESCO Heritage Site
[Our TravePhoto @ Melaka] flickr slideshow presentation.
Siem Reap UNESCO Heritage Site

[Photos of Bali 1] [Photos of Bali 2] [Photos of Bali 3] [Photos of Bali 4]
A special thank to Livien for lending her camera :-)