Monday, September 16, 2013

Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition 2013- Page 2 of 2

We thought we have seen everything before China team stunned us on 14 Sept. Unlike the night before, we could feel the heat of the competition along the highway. Cars were moving, crowd was forming. Then, mistakenly, we took the way to Putrajaya Water Sports Complex, instead of our original destination at Persiaran Tasik. It turned to be a blessing. The water sports complex was much closer to the stage, where we could hear the music playing for the performance.

China team showed their muscles as the old master of fireworks. They cleverly arranged the explosion to be done at different height, keeping the smokes away from  blocking the view of fireworks. The fireworks formed different patterns, with great timing and precision. One thing which was bad- raining. Too bad we had brought only one umbrella. Not much photos had been taken.

 China team performed under terrible weather condition. We could see from the movement of the smokes that the wind was strong.

 Different combinations of the fireworks.

We found that the water sports complex is a good spot. We went back to the same location to see the performance of US team yesterday.

US team didn't give up easily. They dished out a few Disney themed songs, with the fireworks "danced" with the music. Without the interference of the rain, the music was loud and clear. That was really a feast of visual and audio. For those who had missed the show, one more chance in 2013- 2nd October 2013 (Wednesday). Besides Putrajaya Water Sports Complex, there are a few other strategic location to watch the show.

 Fireworks with Disney themed songs.


 Different colours with high contrast to the dark sky.

 Different patterns displayed.

And the all-out finale!

 Our photo a few minutes before the show started. Photo taken by Kelly :)

 Be early as the fireworks fans are growing.

Sitting ouside is better than sitting on the stage. However, we need to bring along our umbrella, just in case of raining.

The competition is gaining its reputation. More and more people are coming to watch the show. We were caught in traffic congestion for more than 40 minutes during China team's show. The congestion turned worse during US team's show. We took more than one hour to get home. So, we might need to mentally prepare for the heavy traffic jam after the show.

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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Putrajaya International Fireworks Competition 2013- Page 1 of 2

It is a lengthy competition, from August to September 2013, at Putrajaya Maritime Centre. So, if you wish to grab the opportunity to see the fireworks, there are three more chances to go- 14, 15 September, and the last performance will be on 2 October 2013. The performance will start at around 10 pm, but we have to be early to get to the strategic location- Seri Saujana Bridge, Persiaran Tasik, Seri Gemilang Bridge, or along Tunku Abdul Rahman Road that facing Pullman Putrajaya. 

Putrajaya Convention Centre (PICC) is offering cocktail dinner during the competition days with RM150++ per person. Bringing sandwiches and Coke is another much cheaper and better option. By the way, watching the fireworks competition is free of charge. What you need to do is to find a transport to Putrajaya. We would like to share some photos taken last night at Persiaran Tasik.

Quiet night. 9:50 pm, everyone was holding the breath and waiting for the first spark of the fireworks. The location was strategy, with the maritime centre located at the middle of this VIP seat.

 First spark ignited.


 5 minutes into the performance. Smoke could be clearly seen.

Ending of first part of the performance by French team. 

After a short rest, second part of the performance started with exploding light across the sky. The smoke from the previous bursts started to block the view.

French team leader shouted, "Send more onto the sky!!"

Then the anti-climax kicked in at the finale. When the team sent everything they had for one last final blow, the smoke took away everything but the thundering explosion. Well, zero mark for the finale.

Row of photographers with all sort of gadgets.

None stop firing the shutters while French team firing their sulfur-filled fireworks.

Nope, it didn't look like 10 pm at night. The lakeside was crowded with people with sitting mats and picnic baskets.

Three more days of performance to go, and tonight, China team will take over the stage. If you still remember what Beijing had done to the opening of Olympic 2008, then you might wish to take out a map to look for the route to Putrajaya now.

We watched the shows presented by China team and US team as well, and discovered a better place to watch the fireworks. Follow us now.