Saturday, April 18, 2009

A' Famosa Resort

Well, we visited A' Famosa Resort for a few times, especially Ling Shing, as he visited the resort almost every year starting 1999-2002. We visited Water World, Safari, and Wild Wild West Park, all of them a few times. We had a great time there, on the first few visits. However, the poor maintenance was a big issue there. The parks looked old and dirty for the last few times of our visit (the most recent were 2005 and 2007).

A' Famosa Resort is 30 minutes away from the City of Malacca and Seremban, by car or bus of course (not within walking distance). The shutter bus service was available from the resort to all the theme parks (within 5 minutes of ride).

Photo taken in Wild Wild West Theme Park (2007). The park had a nice-looking outside but a little bit "unmaintained" inside. Anyway, the animal parade and fireworks at the end of the show were something worth the RM35 (per person at 2007) entrance ticket for.
Safari (animal world) was a place that both of us loved a lot, as we could see (and touch) a lot of animals inside. Safari was complemented with a few stage shows, such as "wild-wild West" and the "Bird Show". Wild-wild West staged the battle between a drunken cowboy with Red Indians, while the "Bird Show", ha, self-explained show, right?

Photo taken outside the Animal World, trucks that took us moving around the safari, and the "bird Show".
Animal feeding- primates, peacock, chicks, and ferry transferring us to the animal island in the safari.

A' Farmosa Resort, although we found it was not as attractive as it used to be, you still can visit it if you haven't being there before. 3 days 2 nights is more than enough for you to cover all the parks (in fact, 2 days 1 night is what we recommended). Call the resort, book you room first before your trip, and expect a big crowd of students and visitors during public holidays.

More information, visit A' Famosa Resort official website here. For our experiece in Malacca, click here.

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