Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Ipoh, Capital of Perak, is a modern town, with a lot of old buildings. The town is located along the North-South Highway, which we will pass by the town if we travel from Penang to Kuala Lumpur using the highway.

We went there for a 3 days 2 nights trip in 2007. From Kuala Lumpur, we took a 2 and a half hours driving to reach the town (with our own car). We stayed in the historical Majestic Station Hotel, which shared a same building with Ipoh Railway Station. The experience there was really unforgetable, as the hotel was a little bit too "historical" (built in 1917). Although the room rate is cheap, but we don't think we will go back to that hotel anymore.

Breakfast with Ling Shing's brother (younger) and our future sister-in-law. What else did we took? Famous Ipoh White Coffee, of course!

Ipoh is the home for many traditional chinese food, Ipoh Chicken Rice with sprout, toufu fa, and dim sum are few of them (we went to the most famous and original shop for those food). The chicken rice and toufu fa were really good. The dim sum, however, was not as good as expected.

The road system was simply confusing (even with clear road signs), a lot of small lanes and one way street. But, we managed to get a excellent tour guide for us (future sis-in-law). It is a very leisure place (dislike rushy KL), and worth a 2 days tour, aimly for food and beverage (don't ever forget to try Ipoh White Coffee).

These are some websites with useful information about Ipoh: Ipoh up close, Ipoh quick tour guide, and Hotels in Ipoh.

In fact, we had few more photos for this town, which were KIA during the reformatting of our laptop, we will post more photos in the future!

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