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Malacca, City of History, founded by Parameswara in 13th century, is now a World Herritage site. Malacca can be reached by road. We drove there with our own car, 2 hours from Kajang (that's 2 and a half hours from Kuala Lumpur). We had being to Malacca for many times already, attracted by her uniqueness and, of course, historical auras. The Historical City, Jonkers' Street, a series of museums (Maritim, Baba & Nyonya, Cheng Ho, etc.), old churhes, A' Famosa Fort, old tombs of kings and heros, blended into the modern Mahkota Parade, Pahlawan Square (Warrior), and first class hotels, together with the Traditional Hainan Chicken Rice, Portugist Tarts, durian cake, Satay Celup and popiah... well, nothing better than "extravaganza" to describe Malacca.

Photo taken at Jonker Street.

Buddist temples along the Jonker Street.
Other places of interest, such as Malacca Zoo, Butterfly Farm, Bee Farm and temples of unique architecture designs are the places that we should not miss. (Just some personal point of views, you can skip some of them as well, such as the crocodile farm, eye of Malacca and Mini Malaysia). An early booking for hotel is necessary, unless you are a backpacker. We had tried Grand Continental (3-star), Tan Kim Hock Hotel (2-star), and Mahkota Resort (4-star). The first two were quite old and not well maintained. The Mahkota Resort is ok, RM180++ for a family suite (2006, credit card special promotion price) and the good location make it a good choice for us (5 minutes walking to Mahkota Parade and Pahlawan Square, 15 minutes to Malacca old town and 20 minutes Jonkers' Street).

Great landscapes around butterfly farm.
Yeah, after describing all the good things, now, the bad side- the traffic jam!! You will understand the true meaning of traffic jam if you visit Malacca during public holidays with your cars. "Holy Hainanese chicken rice!" We once caught by 2 hours of jam, just to enjoy a lunch of chicken rice. Horrible or not? Wanna take a try? The moral behind the story was: stay near to the heart of the city (such as the Mahkota Resort or some places nearby), and go to whatever place you can, possibly by foot.

2nd generation of old F&B industry, a brand of quality.
Well, we tried best ever tasted Hainanese Chicken Rice at "Chop Chung Wah", while the most advertised "Oldtown Chicken Rice" disappointed us most. Chop Chung Wah located at the entrance of Jonkers' Street (if you walk from the river side). The Portugist Tart, durian cake, and popiah are available along the Jonker Street. Besides delicious food, vast varieties of souviniors are available in Jonkers' Street as well.

A part of Malacca old town (Stadthuys) which was built around 1650.
Another place, which is nearby, is A' Famosa Resort- a name which combined Golf Resort, Water World, Safari, and Wild Wild West Theme Park. Interested? Then, let's go to A' Farmosa Resort, Malacca.

If you ask, would you visit Malacca again? The answer is certain, but not in peak seasons. For more information about Malacca, you can visit Malaysia Leisure, Malacca Net or any official results from the search engines.

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