Monday, April 6, 2009

Mines Wonderland

"Mines Wonderland" is a place that we want to mention. Why? It used to be a great place that everyone should not miss. But, that's history. Now, Mines Wonderland is badly maintained, poorly ran park (even hardly call it a park).

Photo taken around 2004. Mines Wonderland was filled with the Asian Wonders' Lanterns.

We put Mines Wonderland in here, we have a lot of good memories there. First time for us to watch the musical fountain, fireworks together, roaming across Ice Wonderland, taking garden boat trip, watch white tigers with vintage trains etc. It really really was a good place for us. Well, we did visit Mines Wonderland from time to time for different occasions. The last time was November 2008. That's the first time Ling Shing's younger sister visit the park. Nothing much left there, except the big coins and light decorations.

Go to Mine Wonderland with Ling Shing's younger sister and some friends (2008).

Took steamboat buffet dinner together in the park with friends (2008).

How to go to Mines Wonderland? Well, you can take the commuter service to Serdang Station, then take a 10 minutes walk from the station. If you don't want to walk from commuter station, then you can take a water taxi. Other alternatives, bus and taxi. Of course, you can skip Mines Wonderland and focus your visit on Mines Shopping Center. Mines Shopping Center is well maintained with middle-high class of shops. The shopping center is the one and only one shopping center in Malaysia with a river flows through it. Wow, amazing Venice like! More information, please log onto Selangor shopping guide to learn more about Mines Shopping Center (under guide to Selangor -> thing to do -> Shopping).

Photo taken in Mines Shopping Fair (Center) around Oct. 2009. The shopping center is well improved under new management of KapitaLand from Singapore.

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  1. I thought mines wonderland is an interesting place to visit...

  2. I like Mines shopping center too.

  3. Is mines wonderland is in operation

  4. mines got dragon in the water

  5. Wow, then it's the place that we must visit in the year of DRAGON 2012 ^^

  6. what happened to mines wonderland now?

    1. It is no more operation. The official website has been closed as well. However, the Mines Shopping Centre, after being bought by Capitaland from Singapore, has becoming better. We just spent a good time a there two days ago.