Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pangkor and Lumut

Pangkor Island, located in Perak. To go to the ferry point at Lumut, Perak, we took 2 and a half hours of bus from Kuala Lumpur. After we arrived at Pangkor, we were told that's a airport with a single flight a day as well.
Lumut (in Malay means moss) is small town at the west coast of Perak. During our visits (2003 and 2004), most of the people gathered around the ferry point with few rows of shops around the area. There were a wide guarded parking space for the visitors with their own transports as well (just 100 m away from the ferry point). A ferry trip to Pangkor took around 25 minutes (if not mistaken). Along the way was the Malaysian Royal Navy base on the left, which can be easily indicated by battleships and service depots. Again I noticed that the ferries were made in Sibu, my home town in Sarawak.

Betty and I at Esplanade Lumut, around 2 pm.

Photo taken at Esplanade Lumut, while waiting for the ferry.

We took a 3 days 2 nights visit to the island on our first visit. Together with our Sarawakian friends, we rented motorbikes for cruising (RM 10 per day, each bike carries 2 person). We stayed in Khoo's Holiday Resort, just beside Pasir Bogak Beach. The resort was quite a good place to stay, cheap, clean, and friendly staffs. With only RM 65 per room (for 4) per night at that time, we were quite satisfied.

Photo taken around 6:30 am at Pasir Bogak Beach, in front of Khoo Holiday Resort.

First evening, we visited the Dutch Fort and the rock with ancient written on it on the south. Then we went to the Nipah Bay. There, we took a boat trip (to Monkey Beach), played with the waves, snorkeling and had a lot of fun there.

Next morning, we took a trans-island trip with our bike, following the main road to the north at east bank, crossing the Pinang Rivers (with bridges) and went right into the forest reservation at Pangkor Hill. Then, we headed south at west bank, passing by Pangkor Island Beach Resort, Pangkor Airport, Coral Beach, Nipah Bay, and all the way back to our resort.
Dutch Fort and "The Rock".
From above: Photo taken a beach side somewhere around Teluk Baru, bike "gang" at Pangkor airport, and boat trip at Nipah Bay. We went for snorkeling after the boat trip.

Ling Shing went to Pangkor for the 2nd time with his family (2004), stayed in the same resort. Photo taken at Fok-Lin Temple, the miniature of The Great Wall (behind the temple), and the Ducth Fort.

We, indeed heard a lot of good things about the island. Anyway, we found that the island was not as good as it sounded. It was more likely a small fisherman island than a holiday resort. Anyway, the island is still worth at least a 3 days 2 nights trip (without snorkeling and golfing).

For more information about Pangkor, you can visit Pangkor and Official site for Pangkor.

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